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Milk Mentor CO Services

*Please Note: due to large service area, your requested time may not be feasible, but I will coordinate with you directly to find a time that works for both of us - thank you!  
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Milk Mentor CO

Prenatal Consult 
(In-Home or Telehealth)

Everyone you encounter when you’re pregnant seems to have an opinion and the amount of “advice” received can be overwhelming! By having an appointment before Baby arrives, you can receive evidence-based information on all things lactation and learn the skills needed to hit the ground running to reach your goals - whatever those may be!

  • The Golden Hour

  • Colostrum is small but mighty!

  • Does everyone need to supplement with formula or start pumping right away in order for Babe to thrive?

Milk Mentor CO

Initial Consultation
(In-Home or Telehealth)

A deep dive into how things are going for you (and Baby!) with lactation

  • Observe, assess, and assist 

  • Latching + Holding Positions

  • Pumping + Bottle Feeding

  • Review health and birth histories 

  • Answer any questions

  • Anticipatory guidance on what comes next


Follow-Up Visits
(In-Home or Telehealth)

Now that we’re old friends, we can jump right into the issue at hand!

  • Something not feeling right?

  • Baby seeming frustrated all of sudden?

  • Questioning if you’re making enough?

Baby Toes

Pumping Consult
(In-Home or Telehealth)

You picked out the perfect pump through insurance, but now what?

  • Finding the right flange size

  • What the settings mean

  • Milk storage guidelines

  • How create a schedule that works for you

Baby Crawling

Back to Work/Daycare Consult
(In-Home or Telehealth)

Whether your maternity leave is coming to an end or something else is requiring you to be away from your child, we can take one thing off your plate by creating a game plan! 

  • What supplies do you need?

    • For you

    • For baby

  • How prep and store the milk

  • Do you need a freezer “stash”?

  • Common hiccups faced and how to prepare/avoid them

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