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Announcement: We've Moved!

Goodbye NYC... Hello Castle Rock, Colorado!

*Still accepting NYC clients via telehealth

Breastfeeding Support for New Moms

Milk Mentor CO is a private IBCLC lactation consultation practice providing

in-home and virtual telehealth visits to families in Castle Rock, Colorado, including Douglas County, and surrounding areas. 

Milk Mentor CO

About Milk Mentor CO

I offer prenatal breastfeeding education, general postpartum lactation support, acute concerns, and anticipatory guidance for upcoming milestones.

Your Go-To Lactation Consultant


Meet Meredith, IBCLC Lactation Consultant

Welcome! As a mom to two girls, an IBCLC lactation consultant, and a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, I bring experience, expertise, and passion to help families navigate their breastfeeding and lactation journey. I provide in-home and virtual telehealth visits in Castle Rock, Colorado and surrounding Douglas County areas. My goal is to support new moms and families with the knowledge and resources they need to reach their goals and make this a positive and sustainable experience for everyone!


Lactation Consulting Services

Milk Mentor CO offers a range of lactation consulting services to meet the needs of new moms and their babies. I provide personalized support and guidance to address concerns and challenges, and help new moms feel confident and empowered in their breastfeeding journey.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

Postpartum Lactation Support

Acute Concerns Assistance

Anticipatory Guidance for Milestones

Virtual and In-Home Visits

What Clients Say
Milk Mentor CO

“I had three lactation consultations at the hospital but was still totally lost at sea when I was discharged and just assumed I wouldn't be able to breastfeed. Meredith completely changed that in just one session - I immediately had the tools I needed to feed my baby.”

Milk Mentor CO
Jen M.

"Meredith has been a pleasure to work with. She has been super helpful in addressing all of my breastfeeding questions as a first time mom... with a ton of questions! She is very responsive and thorough in her explanations and been helping us with a plan that makes sense for our family."

Milk Mentor CO

"I was really anxious about my first breastfeeding/postpartum journey and Meredith was so empathetic and comforting. It was comforting to be told that each baby and mother are different and that there is flexibility in making feeding work. Meredith was so helpful and I would recommend her to my friends!"

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